Tackers – Info for kids

8367383672Tackers is all about having a great time with other kids, playing loads of games and going on adventures while learning how to sail together. There isn’t a court, a pitch or an oval like other sports, instead you have a beach and the bay to explore.

Tackers Instructors are there to teach you how to sail and make sure you are having loads of fun!

When you start sailing in Tackers you will be with a group of kids and get the chance to sail with someone else in the boat so you can learn and have fun together.

After you have finished the Tackers Program, you get a Tackers kit bag filled with lots of goodies and a Certificate of Achievement to remind you of your great day!

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Here is what you need to  bring with you every time you go sailing with Tackers


Further Information
For further enquiries please email training@elwoodsc.com or call Elwood SC Training on 03 9531 4743.