2013 ESC Annual General Meeting, Saturday 14th September @ 7:00pm

The 2013 Annual General Meeting of Elwood Sailing Club Inc. will be held at the clubrooms on Saturday 14th September, the bar will be open from 6:30pm and meeting commencing at 7:00pm.

As mentioned in the previous post, due to the recent enactment of the “Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012” we have had to extensively redraft our Club Rules and therefore are a number of motions relating to this will put before the ESC membership for adoption. Also there are motions for members to approve the nomination of Mark and Fay Foster as Life Members of the Association.

For your reference please find attached the following documents:

ESC AGM notice 2013


Membership & subscription policiesv1.0 

Explanatory notes & motions (v1.0)  

ESC AGM proxy form 2013

ESC AGM G.C. nomination form 2013

ESC AGM minutes 2012 v3