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Membership Class




Annual Fee






Full Family


Senior Member, spouse/partner & children eligible for Junior membership








Full Senior


Default membership class



Senior Student


Full time students aged 21 – 26 @ 1/7/2023



Crew (Associate)


Restricted club access for crew purposes






Secondary membership for current financial Members of an A.S. affiliated club



Junior (Associate)


Under 18 or full-time student under 21 @ 1/7/2023



Social (Associate)


Non sailing with limited membership entitlements



Senior Race Fee


Required for a boat if on-site storage is not paid for 



Junior Race Fee


Required for a boat if on-site storage is not paid for 




Only full members can apply for storage, if applying for storage, please complete the storage agreement form and return to the Club Manager

      Inside Outside

Multihull Boat


Storage – includes Senior Race fee




Monohull Boat


Storage – includes Senior Race fee








Under 18 or full-time student under 21 @ 1/7/2023 includes race fee













 Fob Key Levy


One off or replacement fee (Non-Refundable)



Bar Card


12 drinks for price of 10




Membership Classes

Membership of Elwood Sailing Club is divided between full Members and Associate Members, and by the following sub classes. (for full details of entitlements for the various Membership classes please refer to the Club Rules and Membership and Subscriptions Policy documents)


Senior; the default sailing membership class that entitles you to full members privileges.
Family; as per Senior membership but also including your partner and your children who would be eligible for Junior membership.
Life; for our most esteemed Senior members who have provided special service to the ESC over many years. A supplement is payable for any family members
Senior Studenta member who is a full time student over 21 years old and less than 26 years old (as of 1 July in the membership year).

Associate Members:

Affiliate; a limited sailing membership class for current financial Members (not Associates) of a Yachting Australia affiliated club.
Junior;  a limited sailing membership class for persons under 18 or if a full time student under 21 years old (as of 1 July in the membership year).
Social; a limited membership class for those interested in participating in the social life of the club but not in on-water/boating/sailing activities.
Crew; a limited membership class for those interested in crewing for other members club access during racing.
Honorary; an honorary member as appointed by the Committee for no more than one year with full privileges except cannot hold office or vote.


Full Membership Privileges & Benefits

In addition to providing support to the club, it’s members and the sailing & wider local communities, membership of Elwood Sailing Club entitles Members to participate in the full sailing and social activities of the club, access to the club rooms (unless event in progress) and facilities such as the kitchen, barbeque, change rooms, showers, toilets and boat & board storage via an electronic fob. Members are also eligible to store boats, sailboards and related sailing equipment in the boatshed, subject to availability and storage policies (below).

Members may also use the clubrooms for private functions Club sponsors may also offer discounts and special deals on goods & services to members.

Elwood Sailing Club is a member of Australian Sailing. The club pays affiliation fees to support these organisations in their activities in organising, representing and promoting sailing at all levels. ESC Club Membership provides you with registration with Australian Sailing via your AS Number, which generally allows holders associate/visitor rights to other AS affiliated clubs in order to participate in social activities, club racing & regattas. It also entitles access to the AS Benefits program which includes personal accident insurance cover whilst engaged in sailing activities and many other benefits.

Boat Storage

Boat & Board storage is available for financial Senior, Family & Life members on an annual basis with boat storage preference given under the following priorities;

  1. Sponsored Classes
  2. Potential Sponsored Classes ( i.e. Class with more than 3 boats regularly sailing at ESC)
  3. Growing Class (i.e. Class with 2 boats regularly sailing)
  4. Sole boat

A Sponsored Class is defined as ‘a class of boat regularly racing at ESC with an average racing fleet of 10 boats or 10 members, or a class of boat designated by the General Committee that has the capability to grow to average fleet of 10 boats or 10 members.

After boat storage applications have been received and the available space required/available per class decided by General Committee, boat storage racks will be allocated to qualifying members based on a storage points system, ratified by the Storage Officer annually, as follows:

1 point – Attending a race day in the last 3 seasons as either helm or crew

2 points – Doing rostered duty on a race day in the last 3 seasons

Failure to   attend the club  for duty when rostered, will require the member to perform their duty role on the next subsequent race day of attendance at the club.

Storage points will be calculated using information stamped on the Race Card . On a race day Race Cards should be placed in the entry box before the yacht leaves the beach, after which the Tower Officer will collect all Race Cards from the box and stamp the date on the card. If the member is rostered for duty that day, the Race Card should be left on the duty sign-on book in the Tower where the date and “Duty” will be stamped underneath by the Tower Officer.

Junior Member boat storage is also available and will be granted at the discretion of the General Committee. Junior boat storage will be ongoing provided the junior sails & races regularly, and storage priority will be based on the storage points system.

Please contact our boat Storage Officer for any queries or issues you may have in relation to boat storage.

Sailboard Storage

ESC has 51 storage lockers of various sizes (Short, Long & Wide) available to ESC members for board storage. storage lockers will be allocated on an annual basis by the Sailboard Officer, based on prior seasons storage allocation and the members participation in club and association events.

Please contact our Sailboard Officer for any queries or issues you may have in relation to board storage.


Storage conditions and agreement

A condition of storage at ESC is that the member agrees to remove their boat/board and associated equipment within 30 days of written notice from the General Committee. Failure to remove as requested may result with confiscation and sale of all equipment by the club. Members with boat storage or race entry cards will also have their names included on the duty roster.

To apply for boat or board storage at ESC please download the Storage Agreement form–3