ESC Response Plan if there is an ESC-Related COVID Issue

Steps to take if a anyone attending the club or staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19:

  1. Isolate: Ensure the person concerned does not attend ESC while infected
  2. Inform: Contact the Manager Amanda Innes, or the Secretary/COVID Officer David Wilkinson. Should a staff member, independent contractor, employee of the independent contractor, or self-employed person receive a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and have attended the Club during the infectious period, then WorkSafe Victoria must be immediately notified on 132360 or online:
  3. Identify and Inform Possible Contacts:
    • Note that attendance at the club while positive does NOT mean that people at the club are close contacts: contacts at the club are “All Other Contacts” in the description of contacts provided above.
    • Manager to request, and assist if needed, the member who reports attendance at the club in their infectious period to notify their sailing partner or other members who they spent time with at the club.  
    • Inform all members via email and the website that a person attended the club while COVID positive. Provide details of the visit without identifying the person, and advise members to monitor for symptoms if they were present at the same time.
  4. Clean: A deep clean is not required if a confirmed COVID-19 person or employee has attended the club or workplace. Clean touch surfaces etc per normal.  If a number of employees have confirmed COVID-19, contacted the DHHS for advice on the need for a deep clean.

ESC Response Plan if there is an Event-Related COVID Issue

Implement the same basic steps as for an ESC-related event:

  1. Identify and Inform: Ensure any staff/contractors working at the event are informed, and inform Worksafe. Inform members by newsletter etc
  2. Clean: as above

Prepared by D. Wilkinson ESC Secretary and COVID Officer 12/1/22