Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series – Night 5 Results

At last a good breeze on a Thursday night and a good turn out Matteo, Kahoona, BGR, Paulie, Morgs, Retz, Decca, Rodman, Randall, Jitboater and George to name a few.   Pizza and Beer at La Porchetta’s afterwards went down very well indeed.

3 points Rainer for forward loops executed in his way as whirl of body, sail and board – should be called the Ray Spin.  Ray headed down to Pookipa thinking that would keep him out of the competition.  Doesn’t work Ray.

2 points Matteo the Italian Vulcan.  For non windsurfers a Vulcan is a transition trick whereby you do a small jump, in mid air rotate yourself and the board while holding the boom one-handed so that you land the board traveling backwards, then gybe the sail, switch your feet and sail away.  A busy gybe.

1 point Tony Prysten for attempting loops while not really airborne and loyalty of his family hanging around for Pizza.

-3 points Jon Embrey for culpable sailing in a dangerous manner to other sailboarders. 

No results for Night 4
No results for Night 3.

1st Night Results :

The first night of the Series on 19th Jan kicked off with a strong
though brief seabreeze.

3 Points Tony Prysten  came straight from the Airport (back from Sydney), bypassing home
(and his crippled post-hip-operative partner and two kids) pulling off 3 forward loops. Aah

2 Points Rainer Bulach for realizing as entered the showers that he had pulled off 5
forward loops without getting his hair wet.

1 Point Matteo Antonaroli unfortunately damaged the nose of his board and sail. Not his
nose on the board, rather the nose of his board. Matteo starts his English classes next
week welcome to the English language Matteo!

Honorable mentions to John McGregor and Randall Saunders for there fines show supported by
their partners & kids. Although Jonathan Embrey arrived too late to sail it was worth it
to see an Englishman in his waist coat.

2 Night Results:

3 Points Matteo Antonaroli while the rest of us where joining in on help Paul “wet
the head” for the arrival of Isobel Curtis into the work, Matteo too our disbelieve
found wind in his sail seen planing and attempting freestyle moves. 3 Points for dedication
and lightwind sailing

2 Points [not awarded]

1 Point Paul Curtis for the excellent turnout to the bar for the head wet. Cheers Paul.

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