Elwood Sailboarder 2012 Champion – Matteo Antonaroli!!

The Elwood Sailboards Twilight Summer Series was held over 6 Thursday nights between 19 Jan and 1 Mar 2012.   The clear winner, through perseverance, enthusiasm and flair  was Matteo Antonaroli – our visiting Italian waiter.  We don’t know where in the world he is right now, but there will always be a bit of him here at Elwood Sailing Club where his name will be engraved on the prestigeous ESC Sailboarders Trophy. Continue reading

Elwood Twilight Series Night 6 Results

With Elwood being blown flat with an off shore ESE the twilight series was moved to Ricketts point, results as follows

3 points Ricketts Point – in the battle of man vs Ricketts Point, Ricketts Point will always win with its bone crunching short chop, and fin shaving exposed reef.

2 points Randall – for his multi tasking skills, turn up rig (still think you went too small with the sail size..) do a work phone conference and then sail.

1 point Ben – for driving around for 2 days with kit in the car waiting for a ESE blast.

Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series – Night 5 Results

At last a good breeze on a Thursday night and a good turn out Matteo, Kahoona, BGR, Paulie, Morgs, Retz, Decca, Rodman, Randall, Jitboater and George to name a few.   Pizza and Beer at La Porchetta’s afterwards went down very well indeed.

3 points Rainer for forward loops executed in his way as whirl of body, sail and board – should be called the Ray Spin.  Ray headed down to Pookipa thinking that would keep him out of the competition.  Doesn’t work Ray.

2 points Matteo the Italian Vulcan.  For non windsurfers a Vulcan is a transition trick whereby you do a small jump, in mid air rotate yourself and the board while holding the boom one-handed so that you land the board traveling backwards, then gybe the sail, switch your feet and sail away.  A busy gybe.

1 point Tony Prysten for attempting loops while not really airborne and loyalty of his family hanging around for Pizza.

-3 points Jon Embrey for culpable sailing in a dangerous manner to other sailboarders.  Continue reading

Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series – Night 2 Results

2nd Night Results : Night 2 was a beautiful Elwood night, perfect for being on the balcony watching the sun go down.  But not much breeze.

3 Points Matteo Antonaroli – while the rest of us where joining in on help Paul “wet the head” for the arrival of Isobel Curtis into the work, Matteo too our disbelieve found wind in his sail seen planing and attempting freestyle moves.  3 Points for dedication and lightwind sailing

2 Points [not awarded]

1 Point Paul Curtis – for the excellent turnout to the bar for the head wet.  Cheers Paul.

Continue reading

Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series – Night 2 – 2 Feb

Night Two of the Elwood Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series is this Thursday evening 2nd February – All are welcome followed by Drinks & BBQ (or pizza) at the Club.

1st Night Results : The first night of the Series on 19th Jan kicked off with a strong though brief seabreeze.

3 Points Tony Prysten – came straight from the Airport (back from Sydney), Continue reading

Elwood Twilight Summer Series – Thursday Evenings @ ESC

The Elwood Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series kicks off for 2012 on January 19, running every Thursday evening through March until the end of Daylight Savings.

Its Windsurfing with a social focus – All are welcome followed by Drinks & BBQ at the Club.  Formats will vary  night depending on conditions and inclination.  Anything from biggest moves and best effort, Le Mans races, Pookhipa expression session.

The annual trophy will be up for ESC members for the most “Meritorious Freesailor” – based on sailor feedback at the Bar afterwards. “Meritorious” is in the sense of “praiseworthy” so the winner on the evening may not always be the most skilful sailor.

North 1 Hour Windsurf Race – Sat 22 Jan 2011

Elwood Sailing Club in conjunction with RPS and Windsurfing Victoria are hosting the Annual North 1 Hour Race at the Elwood Sailing Club. This race is based on how many laps you can do in an hour.  It is a great race for the sailors and for spectators.

After the race join everyone in the club for a BBQ.   If the wind is too light for sailing, then there will be a SUP (stand up paddle board) event and RPS will bring down some demo SUPs for those of us who don’t have one.

Registration (entry form) will be from 2pm and race briefing will be at 3:30pm for a 4pm race. BBQ at 6pm.

All ESC club members welcome to join us.

Sailboard Sternchaser 13 November – Results

ESC and Windsurfing Victoria ran a series of  3 Sternchaser races in rapid succession in filthy brown bay rainy conditions with a lot of fun by all.   Duncan Banks blitzed the field on a borrowed Super X Board.

Race 1 Duncan Mat Paul
Race 2 Tony Andrew Duncan
Race 3 Duncan Tony Mat
Overall Duncan Tony Mat

It was great to see every one stay on for the after-sail drinks and bbq and be joined by friends and families.  Thanks to Giles for persevering in the rain to cook up what must be the best bbq cookup we have had yet.