Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series – Night 2 – 2 Feb

Night Two of the Elwood Windsurfers Twilight Summer Series is this Thursday evening 2nd February – All are welcome followed by Drinks & BBQ (or pizza) at the Club.

1st Night Results : The first night of the Series on 19th Jan kicked off with a strong though brief seabreeze.

3 Points Tony Prysten – came straight from the Airport (back from Sydney), bypassing home (and his crippled post-hip-operative partner and two kids) pulling off 3 forward loops. Aah priorities…

2 Points Rainer Bulach – for realizing as entered the showers that he had pulled off 5 forward loops without getting his hair wet.

1 Point Matteo Antonaroli – unfortunately damaged the nose of his board and sail. Not his nose on the board, rather the nose of his board. Matteo starts his English classes next week…welcome to the English language Matteo!

Honorable mentions to John McGregor and Randall Saunders for there fines show supported by their partners & kids. Although Jonathan Embrey arrived too late to sail it was worth it to see an Englishman in his waist coat.

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