Draft By-laws

Dear Members,

At the 2019 AGM, it was resolved to amend the Rules of the Elwood Sailing Club to enable the General Committee to make, repeal and amend by-laws necessary for the good conduct of the Club.

The General Committee is pleased to be able to provide members with a draft copy of the by-laws for their review and comment (click here).

In drafting the by-laws, we have sought to aggregate all relevant procedures, directions and instructions that have been communicated to members over the years (including via the newsletter, other emails, notices and announcements). We also took the opportunity to add some new things where we felt there were gaps or deficiencies.

In deciding what to keep and what to add, we tried to focus on by-laws that:

  • Protected the rights of all members to enjoy the Club safely, without negatively impacting on others;
  • Protected the long term sustainability of the Club (e.g. our revenue streams, liquor licence compliance, other regulatory requirements); and/or
  • Ensured the ongoing good conduct of the Club.

We hope that once finalised the by-laws will give existing members a better understanding of the Club’s requirements, and new members an induction document that presently does not exist.

The General Committee looks forward to receiving your feedback on the draft by-laws by the end of October. Please feel free to send your comments via email to the Club Secretary at secretary@elwoodsc.com or have a chat with us.

Kind regards,

ESC General Committee.