One thought on “Elwood Sailing Club Webcam

  1. This is the real John Douglas. I see that there is a pretender that made a post on 05FEB12. It’s not me, but could well have been as he has a similar story to tell.
    This is is the fourth launching ramp on this site, in my lifetime. I am so glad that it has been rebuilt, but wonder why a new gantry has not been built. Aren’t any small boats from the clubs,wheeled down the ramp on trolleys and launched using a “handy billy” anymore?
    Only time will tell, how long this ramp will last and whether the groyne will cause silting to the north of it?
    For a bloke who grew up on Elwood Beach and spent much of his spare time there during the forties, fifties and sixties, the foreshore today, is very different to the old days, but never the less, appears to be in good shape.

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