ESC Response Plan if there is an ESC-Related COVID Issue 12/1/2022

COVID Response Update – 12/1/22This response is intended to be in line with Government requirements as of Jan 12, 2022, however these requirements may change quickly and become out of date: always check the current Government ProtocolsVic Gov Checklist if you are informed you have been in contact with someone with COVID

What type of contact are you?

There are different types of contacts and different rules apply. Make sure you follow the right advice for your situation. See more information on this page.

Household or household-like contacts

  • You have spent more than four hours with someone who has COVID-19 inside a house, accommodation or care facility.
  • You must quarantine for 7 days.
  • You must get tested on Day 1 of quarantine (or as soon as possible) and get tested again on Day 6 of quarantine – with a rapid antigen test, or a PCR test if you can’t access a rapid antigen test.
  • If you test positive on a rapid antigen test, you must report your result. Visit Reporting your result page for more information.

All other contacts

  • Someone who has COVID-19 has informed you that you are their social contact, or a workplace or education facility has informed you that you are a workplace or education contact.
  • If you have symptoms, you must use a rapid antigen test, or get a PCR test if you can’t access a rapid antigen test.
  • If you don’t have symptoms, you are recommended to use a daily rapid antigen test for 5 days.
  • If you test positive on a rapid antigen test, you must report your result. Visit Reporting your result page for more information.
  • If you don’t have symptoms and cannot access a rapid antigen test then monitor for symptoms and get tested if symptoms emerge.


ESC Response Plan if there is an ESC-Related COVID Issue


Steps to take if a anyone attending the club or staff member is confirmed to have COVID-19:

  1. Isolate: Ensure the person concerned does not attend ESC while infected
  2. Inform: Contact the Manager Amanda Innes, or the Secretary/COVID Officer David Wilkinson. Should a staff member, independent contractor, employee of the independent contractor, or self-employed person receive a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis and have attended the Club during the infectious period, then WorkSafe Victoria must be immediately notified on 132360 or online:
  3. Identify and Inform Possible Contacts:
    • Note that attendance at the club while positive does NOT mean that people at the club are close contacts: contacts at the club are “All Other Contacts” in the description of contacts provided above.
    • Manager to request, and assist if needed, the member who reports attendance at the club in their infectious period to notify their sailing partner or other members who they spent time with at the club.
    • Inform all members via email and the website that a person attended the club while COVID positive. Provide details of the visit without identifying the person, and advise members to monitor for symptoms if they were present at the same time.
  4. Clean: A deep clean is not required if a confirmed COVID-19 person or employee has attended the club or workplace. Clean touch surfaces etc per normal. If a number of employees have confirmed COVID-19, contacted the DHHS for advice on the need for a deep clean.


ESC Response Plan if there is an Event-Related COVID Issue


Implement the same basic steps as for an ESC-related event:

  1. Identify and Inform: Ensure any staff/contractors working at the event are informed, and inform Worksafe. Inform members by newsletter etc
  2. Clean: as above


Prepared by D. Wilkinson ESC Secretary and COVID Officer 12/1/22


COVID Update and Club Access
Anyone aged 8 and above is required to wear a mask when inside any part of ESC, unless a legal exception applies such as when consuming food or drink.
No guests or sail passes at present inside the club, or using the club equipment.
Please feel free to use the deck with other members for a BBQ, picnic, or BYO.

  • Check the newsletter to see whether an event is planned at the time you plan to use the deck: the deck is not accessible at the time of an event.
  • Members only at the moment: no guests. Small groups only, no parties!
  • Check-in with the QR code
  • Unlock and lock the side gate using the key hanging near the storage area sliding door
  • Kitchen and first floor closed except on race days
  • Alcohol can only be consumed in the licensed hours: 1pm – 11pm.
  • In line with Covid hospitality requirements you are recommend to wear a mask when handling food and cooking for other members
  • BBQ temperature gauges are fitted: when BBQ reaches 165 C it is safe to cook on
  • Please clean-up thoroughly and follow the BBQ cleaning instructions
  • Enjoy the view!
  • Lock-up when you leave

Covid Update 5th Nov
COVID Policy Update
The Committee has reviewed the club’s COVID vaccination policy and strongly supports continuing with the requirement that members show proof of full vaccination to enter the clubhouse building. This requirement covers all 16+ members and visitors (12+ from November 24), with the exception of members who have an approved Australian Immunisation Register Medical Exemption form.

The Committee considers this policy provides the best protection for members, children who cannot yet get vaccinated and staff. It also provides the most flexibility for members to use the sailing-related areas as well as the overlapping licenced hospitality areas.

Some clubs have different policies, and we recognise and understand that there may members with different views about this policy, however we ask for your understanding. If you would like to discuss your membership options, please contact the manager.

Almost all sailing members have shown or provided their vaccination certificate, and their access key fobs have been turned on. The majority of members who have not yet done so are family partners and children, and social members, and we ask those members to either email a copy of their certificate, or show their digital certificate to our manager by Nov 24. Any certificate received by email will be destroyed after it has been sighted.

We will need to continue to have volunteer COVID marshals on race days to help ensure members vaccination certificates are registered with Amanda, and ensure compliance with the COVID requirements including entry to the bar area when open. The requirements include:

  • Approved members must register using the QR code before entering the club, or sign the log on the storage desk entrance if you do not have a smart phone.
  • No visitors and no Sail Pass at present due to the capacity limits and as we navigate through the vaccination certificate registration process.
  • Face masks are mandatory when inside any area of the club except when seated for eating or drinking. It is recommended that sailors take a mask with them in a sealable bag when out sailing, so that the mask can be put back on to re-enter the boat storage area.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Clean shared equipment after use (SUPs, pens etc.).
  • A limited number of people are permitted in each space based on the legal density limits:
    • Manager’s office – please do not enter
    • Storage area – 30 (please do not work on equipment inside)
    • Male changing room/showers – 12
    • Female changing room/showers – 6
    • Hall – 74
    • Deck – 60
    • Committee room – 4 (short meetings only)
    • Tower – 3
  • Hall and Deck Use
    • Due to the ongoing COVID cleaning requirements the hall will only be opened on race days, and will remain closed for casual use on other days.
    • The deck will be open on race days, and also may be used on non-race days by entering via the outside steps using the key near the storage desk. QR registration is mandatory.
  • Bar and Food Consumption
    • Seated Service Only when in the hall. When the bar is open everyone in the hall must be seated unless ordering, returning to a table, going to the bathrooms, or leaving. Consumption of drink or food while standing is not permitted in the hall. Masks to be worn at all times unless seated for eating or drinking.
    • When the bar is open drink may be taken to the deck and consumed with any BYO food without the need to be seated, and masks may be removed. We encourage members to move to the deck whenever possible.
  • Welcome back to the club!


Update 23rd Oct
Club Reopening PlanWe have an updated plan for the reopening of the Club following announcement of Victoria’s revised road map, and input from Australian Sailing. However, please note we expect to receive the detailed, final regulations on Friday afternoon, so please look for a Newsletter update late Friday in case arrangements need to change.Ground Floor Storage – Oct 23Restricted access to the ground floor storage areas will be permitted from 9:00am on Saturday Oct 23. The toilets will be open from Tuesday Oct 26. The changing rooms, showers, and 1st floor must remain closed.The number of people permitted in the storage area is limited to the number required to safely remove or replace a boat or board (max 4 at a time).Boats and boards can be taken out, and returned, for recreational sailing, but organised club races are not permitted.

Please see below the vaccination requirements to enter.

Changing Rooms and Showers – Anticipated Open Nov 2

The indicative date for the 80% vaccination target has been updated to around Monday Nov 1, and so we anticipate opening the changing rooms and showers on Tuesday Nov 2. Capacity restrictions will be advised the nearer the time.

Boat Storage Moves and Championship Race – Nov 6

On Saturday Nov 6, the plan is for members with boat storage to help move boats around to their new storage spots and clean out the storage area in the morning, with the planned Championship Race in the afternoon. Plans will be advised nearer the time.

The target date to open the 1st floor hall, deck, and bar is Nov 6, but this will depend on how we are able to manage the detailed restrictions, yet to be confirmed, concerning capacity, COVID Marshal, cleaning, seated service etc. Plans will be advised nearer the time when we better understand the final COVID regulations.

Vaccination Requirements For Entry

It is a State Government requirement that full vaccination will be necessary for anyone aged 16+ to enter any area of the clubhouse including storage areas, and to perform duty of any sort including on rescue boats. The Club supports the State Government’s stance regarding the vaccination program and encourages all members, who are eligible, to get vaccinated as soon as possible (subject to medical advice).

Members who have not already provided a copy of their vaccination certificate will be asked to show the electronic certificate on their phone or a physical hard copy to the manager. This applies to all classes of membership, and to each 16+ family member.  Our manager will be available at the club on Saturday Oct 23 from 9:00am to 1:00pm to record sighting of the certificate. Arrangements for the following Saturdays will be advised.

If you would like to show your certificate at another time, please arrange an appointment with our manager, or email a copy.

Any copy of a certificate received by the manager is destroyed after it has been sighted and recorded. Starting on Saturday Oct 23, following sighting of the vaccine certificate member’s key fob will be activated at the next available workday, and club access permitted.

Other Requirements

  • Face masks are mandatory when inside and outdoors (unless a lawful exemption applies). Face masks can only be removed if a person is eating or drinking, or has a medical exemption. Masks may be removed for practical reasons when sailing. Storage in a zip-lock bag is suggested.
  • Public Gatherings public gatherings of up to 15 people outdoors will be permitted from Oct 22. Full vaccination is highly recommended for outside gatherings, but is not mandatory.
  • Please move away from the front of the club to rig up.
  • Approved members must register using the QR code before entering the club.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Clean shared equipment after use (SUPs, pens etc.)
  • Please do not enter the manager’s office at this time.
  • Due to capacity restrictions, no guests are permitted at this time, members only.


In line with the requirements of the COVID lockdown announced today, the clubhouse including boat storage is closed from 8:00pm Thursday, August 5, for 7 days, presumably reopening on Friday August 15. Key fobs will be turned off during this period.

We are assuming that personal sailing and boarding activities will be permitted as part of your daily 2 hour exercise, within 5km of your home, but this needs to be confirmed so please ensure you are aware of the specific restrictions when available from the Vic Government.

A reminder that anyone attending ESC must register using the QR code, irrespective of the length of the visit.

COVID Restrictions – ESC Open Again July 28th 2021

In line with the announced Vic Government regulations, the COVID restrictions on club activities will change from 23:59 on Tuesday July 27. These restrictions are expected to be in place for the next 2 weeks:

  • ESC ground floor and deck will be open again and key fobs turned on.
  • QR code MUST be used to register your visit to ESC, any area, irrespective of the length of time at the club.  Do not attend if feeling unwell.
  • Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors unless a Vic Gov exception applies.
  • Members attending the club will have to self-manage to ensure compliance with the people limits inside and outside the club. Maximum group size is 10, inside and outside. Area limits are: boat storage 10, male changerooms 10, female changerooms 6, workshop 1, manager’s office 2.
  • No guests permitted at present due to the restrictions on the number of people permitted in the club building.
  • The manager will work from ESC when required. Meetings in the manager’s office are limited to 2 people including the manager.
  • Venue hires are possible however significant restrictions on hospitality group sizes and the requirement for seated service will likely result in minimal hall hire.


In line with the requirements of the COVID lockdown announced yesterday, the clubhouse including boat storage is closed from midnight Thursday July 15, for 5 days, reopening on Wednesday July 21.  Key fobs are turned off during this period.

Note that exercise is permitted for 2 hours a day within 5km from your home, with one other person only or members of your household. At the time of writing we have no specific information on sailing/windsurfing/SUP, and suggest members consult the Vic Gov/DHHS websites. We will advise when we have any further information.

Face masks must be worn outdoors at all times, and must also be worn indoors at all times except at home.

A reminder that anyone attending ESC must register using the QR code, irrespective of the length of the visit.

ESC COVID Restrictions Update 16th June 2021

In line with the Vic Government COVID regulation changes on June 17 and 24, the COVID restrictions relating to club activities have changed:

What has Changed:

  • QR code MUST be used to register your visit, irrespective of the length of time at the club. Using your key fob for entry and assuming that this complies with regulations is NOT correct.
  • No limit on the distance you may travel to attend ESC.
  • Face masks: must be carried at all times and worn inside unless a Vic Gov exception applies. Should be worn outside where 1.5m distancing cannot be achieved.
  • Competitive sailing, boating, and boarding are permitted.
  • Maximum of 50 persons inside the ground floor: boat storage 30, male changerooms 10, female changerooms 6, workshop 1, manager’s office 2.
  • Changeroom showers are open
  • Deck is open for max 32 people at a time. Register using the QR code. Clean up and lock the gate after use.
  • Venue hires are possible with some restrictions.

What has not changed:

  • Do not attend if feeling unwell.
  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, get tested and then stay at home until you have your negative test result.
  • Use hand sanitizer on entry and exit.
  • First floor and tower are closed.
  • Members attending the club will have to self-manage to ensure compliance with the people caps inside and outside the club.
  • Shared equipment such as club boats, SUP, paddles, are to be cleaned before and after use.

URGENT COVID UPDATE FRIDAY FEB 12THAs a result of the stage 4 lock down annouced to day the club will be close from 11.59 Friday Feb 12th and reopen on Thursday 18th

Access is not permitted during this period and the manager will work from home.Face Masks to be Worn Indoors ESC from Jan 4th


Covid Club Update 4th Feb 2021

From 11:59pm February 3 masks are mandatory in public indoor spaces except when eating or drinking. Anyone not wearing a mask will be denied entry unless one of the following lawful excuses applies:

There are a few lawful excuses for not wearing a face mask in settings where a face mask is mandatory, such as illness or disability. Other reasons a person may choose not to wear a mask include where the person is:

  • under 12 years of age
  • a student at a primary school or outside school hours care
  • in the process of being married
  • a professional sportsperson when training or competing
  • engaged in any strenuous physical exercise

Access to 1st Floor and Deck from Jan 30, 2021

From January 30 the 1st floor hall will be opened on race days, with the bar open from approx. 4:00 to 6:15pm. Members and their guests will be able to use the 1st floor hall, bathrooms, and deck. This access is restricted to race days because of the extensive cleaning requirements before and after any use of indoor areas. The kitchen remains closed.

Members can also use the deck on other (non-race) days, using the outside stairs on the north-west (angling club) side. The gate can be opened using the key which will be kept wooden key ring hung beside the hose reel. Cleaning wipes and hand sanitiser will be provided on the deck, and members are requested to wipe down surfaces and equipment they have used. Rubbish must be removed, and the BBQ cleaned if used. Please note that members will only be permitted to bring guests to the deck area on race days.

Members requiring special access to the 1st floor or tower, for any reason, will need to contact Amanda, our manager, to arrange access and agree cleaning requirements.

Everyone going into the club or using the deck must use the QR code (preferred) or complete the attendance register provided in the ground floor boat storage entrance. Guests must also be signed in using the visitor’s book.

A reminder that guests are limited to 6 persons per day, signed in by a full member (senior member, family membership, senior student, life).

Club Operations – “COVIDsafe Summer” – Dec 11, 2021

The new COVIDsafe Summer restrictions allow us to return to more normal operations for sailing related activities, although some restrictions still apply. Restrictions and requirements for venue hire are being finalised, with events planned to start in early January.

Restrictions affecting member’s use of the clubhouse are now:

  • You must carry a face mask with you when you leave home.
  • Wearing a face mask is only mandatory on public transport, while in taxis or ride share vehicles, or when going to large retail venues.
  • Wearing a face mask is strongly recommended indoors and outdoors when you cannot keep 1.5 metres distance from other people
  • Health requirements to attend the club have not changed.
  • Everyone attending the club MUST complete the attendance register or the QR code.
  • Capacities of the ground floor spaces have doubled: boat storage 60, male changerooms 25, female 17.

 Revised Restrictions on Ground Floor Areas 1st Dec 2020

Restrictions on the number of people allowed in the ground floor areas have been relaxed. The new restrictions are:

Boat storage 30. Changing rooms including bathroom areas are male 13, female 8.

It is mandatory that EVERYONE attending the club fills in the attendance register and provides contact details, or uses the QR code provided. Anyone going racing should also complete the race sign-on/off sheet as normal. The race management volunteer sign-on sheet has been discontinued.

Face masks must be worn inside the building.

COVID Nov 1st, 2020

Club Access – Step 3

From Sunday November 1 increased access to the ground floor area will be permitted. A maximum of 10 persons at a time are permitted in the boat storage area, 6 in the male change rooms including the bathroom, and 3 in the female area. No working on boats in the boat storage area. The 1st floor clubhouse and outside deck remain closed. The tower is closed except for race management support.

Outside groups are to be a maximum of 10 persons for any purpose. Masks are to be worn at ALL TIMES unless when sailing alone or sailing with someone from your house of residence. Maintain 1.5m distancing at all times.

Keeping to the permitted numbers inside and outside is going to require everyone to count and to “police” compliance. Change rooms are going to be a bottleneck: please minimise use and do not use the showers unless necessary.

No double-handed sailing unless with a someone from your house of residence.

Please read and understand the following requirements. It is important that we comply, for the health of all, and to avoid any issues with non-compliance. Activity at ESC is VERY visible to the hundreds of cameras walking past the club!

  1. Health Requirements
    • Do not attend if unwell or subject to isolation or quarantine requirements, have been in direct contact with a COVID-19 case, or have returned from overseas in the last 14 days.
    • Notify the club manager if you are a confirmed COVID-19 case and have been at the Club either in the 48 hours before symptoms were shown, or at any time while infected.
    • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m and group size limits.
    • Comply with displayed enclosed space capacities.
    • Masks are always to be worn, except when sailing alone or with someone from your place of residence. You are recommended to arrive with 2 face masks and a sealable bag.
  2. Preparation to Attend the Club
    • Sailing must be completed within 25km of home.
    • Bring your own food and drink.
    • Attendance for social activities only is not recommended.
  3. Accessible Areas
    • Areas accessible to general members: outside boat storage, inside boat storage, ground floor changerooms and bathrooms. Tower accessible only to support racing.
    • Closed areas: Managers office and foyer, first floor clubroom, kitchen, bar, outside deck.
  4. Access to Boat Storage Area
    • No more than 10 people in the inside storage area at a time.
    • Enter through the front sliding door. Key fob must be used to enter for the first time in a day, even if the door is open at the time. Door to be closed after removing and returning your boat unless other members are inside.
    • Use the hand-sanitiser provided inside the entrance.
    • Sign-on and sign-off inside the entrance. Available pen must be cleaned before and after use with the hand sanitiser or wipes available.
    • Clean what you use.
    • Maintain social distancing. Fitted mask to be worn while on land.
    • No work or rigging is permitted on boats while inside.
    • Outside boat storage area limited to 6 persons.
  5. Access to Ground Floor Change Rooms and Bathrooms
    • No more than 6 people at a time in the male changeroom/bathroom. Only 2 showers to operate.
    • No more than 3 people at a time in the female changeroom/bathroom.
  6. Rigging and Sailing
    • Masks are always to be worn except when sailing alone or with a member of your place of residence. You are recommended to arrive with 2 face masks and a sealable bag.
    • Outside gatherings or groups are limited to 10 people. Groups to be separated by 1.5m.
    • Rig only outside, and away from the club entrances. Keep access paths and entrances clear.
    • Areas for rigging on race days are shown on the notice board.
    • Single-handed sailing is permitted. Double-handed sailing is not permitted unless both persons are 18 years or younger or are from the same place of residence.
    • Club SUPs and single-handed boats can be used, subject to prior agreement with and supervision of the Class representative (refer to Club By-Laws). All club equipment must be hosed clean and the paddle handle and other touch points wiped with the wipes provided after use
    • Wash your boat and equipment after use.

Social racing

  • “Social racing” starts on Sunday this weekend, continuing on Saturdays when possible, and will likely continue until the end of the year. No race results or storage points: just sail for enjoyment!
  • The race will be managed by volunteers: please consider volunteering, all are welcome.
  • Normal sign-on and sign-off requirements apply.
  • This Sunday Nov 1 there will be an outside briefing for race volunteers at 11:15, followed by a general briefing at 11:30 and race start at 1:00 pm. Please attend this briefing if you intend to sail.
  • Briefings will occur outside the front of the clubhouse. Members to be in groups of 10 persons maximum, with groups separated by 1.5m, as directed by the Race Officer.
  • The limit for sailing is 15 knots, subject to availability of volunteers.




Covid Oct 19, 2020

No Change to ESC Access for the Time Being

The changes to COVID regulations announced on Sunday are a little different to what had been foreshadowed, but do not change the restrictions in place on access to ESC. We will let you know if the DHHS and AS give any further guidance and direction that changes this view. Summarising the announcements from an ESC perspective:

  • No time limit on leaving home for exercise.
  • Exercise must be completed within 25km of home.
  • Outdoor group limit is 10 from 2 households (i.e. 2 unrelated people).
  • 2-person boat sailing is not permitted.
  • Social distancing, mask, health requirements unchanged.

Members need to continue with the Step 2 requirements for accessing the storage area for removal of boats and boards for sailing:

  • Face masks required on land and maintain social distancing.
  • Do not attend if unwell or subject to quarantine requirements.
  • No more than 2 people in the storage area at a time.
  • Enter the front sliding door using your key fob to register, whether the door is open or closed. Door to be closed after removing your boat.
  • Use the hand sanitizer on entry. Sign-in and sign out.
  • No access to change rooms or bathrooms. No changing in the boat storage area: arrived prepared.
  • Clean down common surfaces after use. Clean what you use.
  • Boat removal and return to storage can only be done by yourself and one other person.
  • Rigging must be done outside, and away from the club entrances.