Revised Restrictions on Ground Floor Areas 1st Dec 2020

Revised Restrictions on Ground Floor Areas

Restrictions on the number of people allowed in the ground floor areas have been relaxed. The new restrictions are:

Boat storage 30. Changing rooms including bathroom areas are male 13, female 8.


It is mandatory that EVERYONE attending the club fills in the attendance register and provides contact details, or uses the QR code provided. Anyone going racing should also complete the race sign-on/off sheet as normal. The race management volunteer sign-on sheet has been discontinued.


Face masks must be worn inside the building.



COVID Nov 1st, 2020

Club Access – Step 3

From Sunday November 1 increased access to the ground floor area will be permitted. A maximum of 10 persons at a time are permitted in the boat storage area, 6 in the male change rooms including the bathroom, and 3 in the female area. No working on boats in the boat storage area. The 1st floor clubhouse and outside deck remain closed. The tower is closed except for race management support.

Outside groups are to be a maximum of 10 persons for any purpose. Masks are to be worn at ALL TIMES unless when sailing alone or sailing with someone from your house of residence. Maintain 1.5m distancing at all times.

Keeping to the permitted numbers inside and outside is going to require everyone to count and to “police” compliance. Change rooms are going to be a bottleneck: please minimise use and do not use the showers unless necessary.

No double-handed sailing unless with a someone from your house of residence.

Please read and understand the following requirements. It is important that we comply, for the health of all, and to avoid any issues with non-compliance. Activity at ESC is VERY visible to the hundreds of cameras walking past the club!

  1. Health Requirements
    • Do not attend if unwell or subject to isolation or quarantine requirements, have been in direct contact with a COVID-19 case, or have returned from overseas in the last 14 days.
    • Notify the club manager if you are a confirmed COVID-19 case and have been at the Club either in the 48 hours before symptoms were shown, or at any time while infected.
    • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m and group size limits.
    • Comply with displayed enclosed space capacities.
    • Masks are always to be worn, except when sailing alone or with someone from your place of residence. You are recommended to arrive with 2 face masks and a sealable bag.
  2. Preparation to Attend the Club
    • Sailing must be completed within 25km of home.
    • Bring your own food and drink.
    • Attendance for social activities only is not recommended.
  3. Accessible Areas
    • Areas accessible to general members: outside boat storage, inside boat storage, ground floor changerooms and bathrooms. Tower accessible only to support racing.
    • Closed areas: Managers office and foyer, first floor clubroom, kitchen, bar, outside deck.
  4. Access to Boat Storage Area
    • No more than 10 people in the inside storage area at a time.
    • Enter through the front sliding door. Key fob must be used to enter for the first time in a day, even if the door is open at the time. Door to be closed after removing and returning your boat unless other members are inside.
    • Use the hand-sanitiser provided inside the entrance.
    • Sign-on and sign-off inside the entrance. Available pen must be cleaned before and after use with the hand sanitiser or wipes available.
    • Clean what you use.
    • Maintain social distancing. Fitted mask to be worn while on land.
    • No work or rigging is permitted on boats while inside.
    • Outside boat storage area limited to 6 persons.
  5. Access to Ground Floor Change Rooms and Bathrooms
    • No more than 6 people at a time in the male changeroom/bathroom. Only 2 showers to operate.
    • No more than 3 people at a time in the female changeroom/bathroom.
  6. Rigging and Sailing
    • Masks are always to be worn except when sailing alone or with a member of your place of residence. You are recommended to arrive with 2 face masks and a sealable bag.
    • Outside gatherings or groups are limited to 10 people. Groups to be separated by 1.5m.
    • Rig only outside, and away from the club entrances. Keep access paths and entrances clear.
    • Areas for rigging on race days are shown on the notice board.
    • Single-handed sailing is permitted. Double-handed sailing is not permitted unless both persons are 18 years or younger or are from the same place of residence.
    • Club SUPs and single-handed boats can be used, subject to prior agreement with and supervision of the Class representative (refer to Club By-Laws). All club equipment must be hosed clean and the paddle handle and other touch points wiped with the wipes provided after use
    • Wash your boat and equipment after use.

Social racing

  • “Social racing” starts on Sunday this weekend, continuing on Saturdays when possible, and will likely continue until the end of the year. No race results or storage points: just sail for enjoyment!
  • The race will be managed by volunteers: please consider volunteering, all are welcome.
  • Normal sign-on and sign-off requirements apply.
  • This Sunday Nov 1 there will be an outside briefing for race volunteers at 11:15, followed by a general briefing at 11:30 and race start at 1:00 pm. Please attend this briefing if you intend to sail.
  • Briefings will occur outside the front of the clubhouse. Members to be in groups of 10 persons maximum, with groups separated by 1.5m, as directed by the Race Officer.
  • The limit for sailing is 15 knots, subject to availability of volunteers.




Covid Oct 19, 2020

No Change to ESC Access for the Time Being

The changes to COVID regulations announced on Sunday are a little different to what had been foreshadowed, but do not change the restrictions in place on access to ESC. We will let you know if the DHHS and AS give any further guidance and direction that changes this view. Summarising the announcements from an ESC perspective:

  • No time limit on leaving home for exercise.
  • Exercise must be completed within 25km of home.
  • Outdoor group limit is 10 from 2 households (i.e. 2 unrelated people).
  • 2-person boat sailing is not permitted.
  • Social distancing, mask, health requirements unchanged.

Members need to continue with the Step 2 requirements for accessing the storage area for removal of boats and boards for sailing:

  • Face masks required on land and maintain social distancing.
  • Do not attend if unwell or subject to quarantine requirements.
  • No more than 2 people in the storage area at a time.
  • Enter the front sliding door using your key fob to register, whether the door is open or closed. Door to be closed after removing your boat.
  • Use the hand sanitizer on entry. Sign-in and sign out.
  • No access to change rooms or bathrooms. No changing in the boat storage area: arrived prepared.
  • Clean down common surfaces after use. Clean what you use.
  • Boat removal and return to storage can only be done by yourself and one other person.
  • Rigging must be done outside, and away from the club entrances.