Yachts Classes that Compete at ESC

125 Dinghy
National E Dinghy
A Class Catamaran
Tasar Dinghy
Paper Tiger Catamaran
Laser Dinghy
Sabre Dinghy


The 125 dinghy class is a two-crew craft sailed at over forty yacht clubs throughout Australia. The class suits teenagers moving up out of junior classes, father & son or daughter combinations, husband & wife teams, or anyone wanting to go sailing with a without spending a fortune.

The ideal all-up crew weight for racing a 125 is around 120kg, with the most competitive range extending from 100 to 140kg.

The light (50kg) hard chine hull, spinnaker and trapeze makes for a lively boat especially on a spinnaker reach in over 12-15 knots of wind. The 125 may be constructed of plywood, foam/fibreglass sandwich, or fibreglass, either home or professionally built. Visit the 125 national website.

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National E

The National E is a fun family performance sailing dinghy which can be readily bought by people on a limited budget. The boat has a generous spinnaker, a single trapeze, and is 4.6 metres long. It is designed for a crew of 2 with a combined weight between 140kg and 200kg.  Visit the NatE Website.


Two excellent boats are currently available for sale at Elwood. Contact Brian 0452182497

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A Class

The “A-Division-Catamaran-Class” was founded as a free construction class in 1956 and remains as one of the most active catamaran classes in the world. Due to a minimum of construction rules such as length, width and sail area it has become a high-tech boat using modern materials such as carbon and kevlar for construction of hulls and masts. This results in its high level of performance in light to fresh winds. Visit the A Class Website to find out more.

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Paper Tiger

The Paper Tiger Catamaran is an exciting 4.3m (14ft) single-handed catamaran that provides competitive one-design racing for beginners through to champions. The class rules ensure tight control over the major dimensions of the boat which guarantees exceptional racing, yet they provide the freedom to experiment with gear and equipment for the boat.

Visit the PT Class Website to find out more.

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Laser /ICLA dinghy

The Laser is the world’s most popular yacht racing class due to it’s simplicity and performance, with over 230,000 hulls produced worldwide. The flexibility offered by it’s 3 rigs makes it a suitable single handed dinghy design for a wide variety of sailors weighing between 40kg  – 95kg over a broad range of skills and experience, from children transitioning from junior classes and veteran sailors, all the way to international competition and the Olympics.

All Laser/ICLAs are manufactured to strict One Design class rules which make for highly competitive racing that is based on a sailor’s athleticism, trimming, steering and tactical skills, rather than having the latest or most expensive gear.  This is why the Laser has been the premier Olympic dinghy sailing class for men and women since 1996.  

Visit for more info.

One of the reasons the Laser is so popular is the boat’s simplicity. The two-part free-standing mast and sleeved sail make the boat easy to rig and its lightweight hull make it easy to carry and cartop.

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The Sabre is a single handed dinghy, suitable for people ranging in age from early teens upwards. The Sabre provides thrilling performance, especially in heavier breezes and sea conditions.

The Sabre was designed with safety as a feature. The boat is unsinkable due to the three independent buoyancy tanks incorporated in the design. If capsized, the Sabre comes up easily and dry. Another safety feature is the watertight mast which helps in the righting a capsized boat. Sabre dinghies are 3.77 metres (12’4’’) long with a minimum weight of 41 kgs (90 lbs). The Sail is a high aspect 6.4sq. metres.

Visit the Sabre Class Website to find out more.

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Our ESC race management and rescue crew is highly experienced leading to the ESC hosting international, national and state title events over the years for boats and sailboarding classes.