Covid Update 11th June 2021

ESC COVID Restrictions from June 11, 2021

The club is reopening for sailing, boating, and boarding activities on Friday June 11, with restrictions in line with the Vic Government regulations. At this point these restrictions will remain in place until midnight on Thursday June 17.

  • Sailing, boating, and boarding activities are permitted. Competitions/organised races are not permitted.
  • Boat maintenance can be conducted outside the club.
  • Attendance at the club and sailing activities must be within 25km of where you live.
  • Do not attend if feeling unwell.
  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, get tested and then stay at home. You must stay home until you have your negative test result.
  • Use hand sanitizer on entry and exit.
  • Face mask to be worn at all times while inside and outside the club.
  • QR code to be used to register your visit, irrespective of the length of time at the club. Use the registration book to sign-in ONLY if you cannot use your phone to register using the QR code.
  • Ground floor storage areas are open for access to boats, boards, and equipment.
  • Changing rooms and toilets are open, however use of showers is specifically not permitted.
  • First floor, deck and tower are closed.
  • Members attending the club will have to self-manage to ensure the following people caps are met:
    • Maximum of 10 persons TOTAL inside the ground floor. Within the total limit of 10 persons inside the ground floor the following area limits also apply:
    • Storage areas – max 4
    • Male changeroom including toilets – max 4
    • Female changeroom including toilets – max 2
    • Workshop – max 1
  • Maximum of 10 persons per group outside.
  • No guests permitted.
  • Shared equipment such as club boats, SUP, paddles, are to be cleaned before and after use.
  • The manager will work from ESC when required. Meetings in the manager’s office are limited to 2 people including the manager.
  • Indoor sport and recreation are not permitted.
  • No hire events at ESC.