I would like to update everybody on the current status of club use.

Since we published the last information/ newsletter there have been several changes.

Currently the ground floor of the club is open for normal club activities. We encourage all members to continue their on water enjoyment, be it sailing, windsurfing, SUP etc. However it becomes paramount that anyone who ventures out from the club on to the water does so in a safe and responsible manner. We recommend taking into account your own on water capabilities vs the conditions of wind, sea state, and any forecast changes. We also highly recommend not leaving the beach without one or more, fellow members.

For us to continue to be able to use the downstairs area of our clubhouse it is vitally important that EVERY member strictly adheres to the “Social Distancing” regulations. We must ensure that we do everything possible to maintain a safe environment in our change rooms. Cleaning and sanitizing products are supplied, but preferably bring your own personal equipment. We must be individually responsible for our actions, there is no paid cleaner working for the club.

The upstairs portion of the building including the balcony is CLOSED to all members 24/7.

The foyer and club managers office are also closed to members, this is to protect our club managers work area. To contact Amanda our manager, use the phone or email as per normal business arrangement.

Whilst we are all severely restrained in our day to day activities, I hope all our members will stick together, support each other and our club wherever possible.

As Winston Churchill once stated;  Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.

All the best,