What to do when you are rostered for duty

What to do when you are rostered for duty

All  Senior  Members are expected to do race management duty  each sailing season on typically two occasions per season.  Your allocations are notified to your email address via the ‘Dutyman’ software.

When a date does not suit you it is your responsibility to use Dutyman to seek a swap with another member for a like duty.

You score 2 race points for each race you miss while on duty. If you have boat storage you receive 2 storage points for each duty day attended. Non-attendance will score you penalty points, and be strongly frowned upon by those that have to cover for you, and the sailors who expect well organised and safe racing that day.

On your day, please arrive at the club by 11:30am and meet with the Race Officer of the day and other duty members, whom you can see on Dutyman.

To register your attendance and receive your points, take your race card to the Tower, fill in the duty attendance book and leave your card to be stamped.  This is your prime record that you have done your duty.

Bring your normal sailing gear as you may need it if on a RIB (Ron Ekberg) or the weather is fresh.

Pick up your complementary lunch at the canteen.

If you are on a hardside patrol boat (Quickcat or Julie Waugh), you will travel together with the other duty crew to the St Kilda Marina to launch. Don’t get left behind.

You are on duty until the last jobs are done for the day. This includes ensuring the RIB, Quad Bike and Forklift are stored away.

If you are on a RIB, it must be hosed and drained, and the motor flushed with fresh water at the end of the day using the large green tub. This is not a difficult job.

The Quad Bike should be given a fresh water spray to remove salt and sand from the undercarriage. Avoid spraying the electrics.

Doing Club Duty is a normal and essential part of club life and can be quite a bit of fun. You get to know the rest of the crew and develop a camaraderie with them. You see the racing from the other side and get the opportunity to drive the patrol boats. All members are encouraged to get their boat licence and broaden their skills.

Mike Wold
Rear Commodore