Sail Pass Information Page

The overwhelming positive reaction to the introduction of Sail Pass has shown us that our members understand the importance of being a responsible, proactive club.  SailPass is a quick and easy way for your guests to secure a temporary ESC membership, thereby allowing them to participate in on-water activities.

SailPass is primarily for the safety and welfare of your guest.  The registration process for your guest ensures we have adequate information to provide the correct response if an emergency was to occur.  SailPass also satisfies a number of compliance requirements for the Club, including Australian Sailing Racing Rules and insurance requirements.

To help you decide if you need to complete a SailPass or not, here is a short reminder:

General Use (Non-Racing)
•     All guests using club facilities and/or equipment for on-water activities must complete a SailPass
•     All guests coming to club to use club house facilities only need to be signed in by a member in the guest book
Racing Use
•     Crew who are not members of another club must sign up for a SailPass before going out on the water
•     Crew with an AS number do not need a SailPass, but must sign-on/off  on race sheets (Contact and next of kin details recorded under their Australian Sailing number and accessible by ESC)
If your guest needs a SailPass, it is your duty to make sure they have one before going out on the water.  If you need help please Ask Amanda or any committee member and they can help fill in the form.