From Monday 1st June

Reopening for Recreational Sailing and Boat Maintenance

Following relaxation of the COVID rules concerning gatherings and sports the club will reopen for recreational sailing and boat maintenance on Monday June 1.

The following requirements when attending the club are intended to be in line with the Victorian Government COVID19 community health regulations and advice as they apply to boating and sailing, and the Australian Sailing guidelines. The specific plan for ESC has been approved by the City of Port Philip Council and must be complied with.

  1. Use of Club facilities
    1. Only members intending to sail/board or maintain their boat/boards may attend. Members should not attend for social gatherings.
    1. Only the boat/board storage areas will be open. The change rooms, toilets and upstairs areas remain closed.
    1. Changing in the storage area is not permitted. If you plan to sail or SUP you must arrive dressed ready for that activity, and then change back at home.
    1. Indoor activities remain prohibited. Boats or equipment required for sailing or maintenance are to be removed from storage and taken outside as quickly as practicable.
    1. No more than 4 people at a time are permitted in the boat storage area.
    1. To ensure good air circulation the front and rear doors MUST BOTH be open when people are inside the storage area, and must be closed again after the boat and equipment have been removed
    1. Boats can be rigged in the trailer park area (max 10 boats) and the grassed area south of the trailer park and north of the bike path (max 10 boats). The beach may also be used for rigging, with no more than 20 people in a gathering.
  • Entry and Exit
    • Entry and exit are only through the front roller door. The front and rear doors must be closed when no-one is inside
    • The key fob must be used to enter for the first time in a day, even if the door is open at the time. A member’s key fob must not be used by any other person.
    • A registration and sign-off sheet will be provided on the sign-on bench inside the front door. You will be asked to confirm you have read and will comply with these requirements. This is to be completed on entry and exit every time you attend. Please bring your own pen. A club pen will be available and must be cleaned before and after use with the hand sanitiser or wipes available.
  • Hygiene and Social Distancing
    • It is your responsibility to maintain social distancing requirements and follow hygiene requirements
    • Follow public health requirements and guidelines for reducing the transmission of COVID 19
    • Members are encouraged to download the COVIDsafe app and to have the flu vaccine
    • Stay at home if you have any cold or flu symptoms and seek medical advice.
    • Report a positive COVID19 test to the Manager
    • If you notice a member who has symptoms consistent with COVID19 (fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat and shortness of breath) then please contact the manager
    • Maintain 1.5m distancing. Do not shake hands.
    • Use the hand sanitisers provided. Soap will be provided next to the hose inside the front door
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve during coughing or sneezing
    • Use only your own equipment wherever possible. After using club or borrowed equipment, or touching commonly used surfaces such as handles, hose taps, switches, clean with the disposable wipes and gloves provided.
    • The storage area and common touch points will be cleaned in the morning and late afternoon.
  • Sailing
    • Single handed boats/boards are permitted. Boats with 2 people on board are not permitted unless they are family members residing at the same address.
    • Club SUPs can be used. Before and after use the board must be hosed clean and the paddle handle wiped with the wipes provided.
    • Club sailboats can be used but ONLY if organised in advance the class representative and normal procedures followed including supervision as appropriate. The boat must be cleaned before and after use.
    • As always sail only within your capability and preferably at the same time as other members of the club. Only go sailing or boarding if the sailing conditions and forecast are within your capability and you can safely return to shore unaided in the event of gear failure. Always alert others to your plans so they can raise the alert if you do not return as scheduled.
  • Access to our Manager
    • If you wish to contact Amanda please call or email her.
    • You may also knock on the external door to the foyer and she will come out to see you if possible. Meetings inside the foyer or the office are not permitted.
  • Failure to Comply
    • Failure to comply with these requirements risks your health, the health of others and closure of the club.
    • Failure to comply will result in denial of access to the club and disciplinary action being considered by the General Committee.
    • Notification of the relevant authorities may be necessary.