Duty and Sailor App 2022/23

Attached is a copy of the Duty Roster up to the end of December 2022. Please check the roster and make a note of the days which you have been rostered on.
If you are unable to attend your rostered day, then it is your responsibility to arrange a swap, and notify the following people. The earlier the swap can be arranged, the better.

You can use the Sailor App to see all members who have been rostered on. This is located within the ‘Member’s Only – Duty Roster’ section of the Sailor App.
You also have the ability to contact a member via this section to help with arranging a duty swap.
Sailor App
We will once again be using the Sailor App to manage the racing operations of the club. This includes, the Sign On and Sign Off procedure. It will be the same as in previous years.
For our new members, then please read the attached document for how to setup and register the Sailor App on your phone. You will need to do this before you can Sign On for your first race.
If you have any trouble or questions with the Sailor App, then please let Paul (pdstamp84@tpg.com.au) know.

Click on the links below for duty roster and Sailor App Instructions