COVID Update

Yesterday’s announcement of significantly reduced COVID restrictions means it will be simpler to operate as a club and for hall hire functions. However a number of restrictions have not changed.
What has changed:
* Masks no longer required inside the club except for hospitality staff
* No requirement to be seated inside for food or drink service
* No density restrictions limiting the number of people in a given space
* Reduced implications for ESC in the event a COVID-positive person attends ESC (details not yet sighted).
* You may dance inside and outside if the moment feels right for you, and your children are not watching.

What has not changed:
* ESC policy is that any member aged from 12 years and 2 months must show proof of full vaccination, or legal medical exemption, to the manager in order to enter the club building at any time, or participate in race duties. A reminder to all members to do this by the November 24 deadline please, or contact the manager to discuss membership options.
* It is a legal requirement that anyone attending a hospitality event must show proof of full vaccination to a COVID marshal, or a legal medical exemption. Full vaccination requirements apply from 12 years and 2 months of age. This is required for the Club bar or food service, and any other Club or hall hire hospitality event. The Club bar will not open after racing until anyone already in the hall has been confirmed to comply with the vaccination requirements, and the volunteer COVID marshal will check all members who subsequently enter.
* After Nov 24 we will review the present club restrictions on visitors and sail-pass.