Covid 19 Update ESC

Dear Members,

Due to reimposition of COVID19 Stage 3 restrictions the Club has been closed and key fobs have been turned off. If you wish to remove your boat or other equipment from the club please contact our manager Amanda to arrange the time when your key fob will be turned on (03 9531 4743 Work on your boat at the club is not permitted.

The advice from Australian Sailing is as follows:

  • Club organised racing and training are not permitted.
  • You can sail recreationally in a single-handed dinghy.
  • You can sail recreationally in a keel boat with a maximum of two people (if they do not live with you) as long as you keep the 1.5mtr distancing.
  • Sailing with family members from the same house is allowed as long as you can keep the 1.5 meter distancing while sailing: this rules out sailing 2-handed dinghies.

We have been advised that the water police will be conducting a “blitz” this weekend and fining anyone breaking these and DHHS restrictions.

You should not turn up at the club without making a booking or if feeling unwell. You should also consider the four acceptable reasons for travel before organising this trip to the Club:

  • Shopping for what you need – food and essential supplies
  • Medical, care or compassionate needs
  • Exercise in compliance with the public gathering requirements
  • Work and study if you can’t work or learn remotely   

Please contact our manager if you have questions.  

Stay safe!