Child Safety Standards

Elwood Sailing Club      Child Safety Standards

As you would may be aware, there are now new Child Safe Standards that need to be in place in all Victorian clubs and organisations by January 1st 2017. Elwood Sailing Club is introducing new Procedures and Policy’s around creating a Child Safe Environment and being compliant with the new legislation. Please read our Child Safe Standards provided here and on the club notice boards and newsletters.We ask that you become familiar and aware of the changes that our club needs to make to meet these standards. Our subcommittee will be communicating the changes we need to make to our process and culture on an ongoing basis.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

ESC is a Child Safe Organisation, with a demonstrated commitment to child safety.

All our instructors and leaders have undergone child safety instruction and hold current Working with Children checks.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of children at our club and have processes in place to help children

We have zero tolerance approach to discrimination and abuse of all forms and we take steps to raise awareness about child abuse and awareness.

We recognise we have a duty of care to children and proactively encourage our members to be educated on all policies and procedures.

We have an open door policy for staff, volunteers and children to be able to report anything that they feel to be in breach of our standards and can report this with full confidentiality.

If you want to express any concerns then you can go to the Manager at Elwood Sailing Club, Amanda Innes or any member of our Child Safety Sub-Committee, and be confident that the concerns or complaints will be acted upon appropriately.

ESC wants to empower children by respecting their opinions, listening to them, encouraging participation and establishing an environment of trust.

We promote the safety of Aboriginal children

We promote the safety of children cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds

We promote the safety of children with disabilities