Publication Date:11 November 2021

Elwood Sailors,

Please be advised that there is a change in the ESC Notice of Race 2021-0222. The change is to align the NOR with the Club’s COVID SAFE Plan. This is effective from the publication date of this letter.

The amendment is in the Rules Section and applies to Rule 1.4.

The old rules states:

1.4 The Elwood Sailing Club (Inc) reserves the right to refuse an entry.

The new rule states:

  1. The Elwood Sailing Club (Inc) reserves the right to refuse an entry. All competitors shall comply with the ESC COVIDSafe Plan, available from the ESC building and online at: Elwood Sailing Club ( Non-compliance with the requirements of the plan is subject to a protest by the Race Committee. Penalty for non-compliance will be a disqualification from the race, and potentially a cancellation of entry for all future races

Freek Wetzels

Rear Commodore

COVID Policy Update

The Committee has reviewed the club’s COVID vaccination policy and strongly supports continuing with the requirement that members show proof of full vaccination to enter the clubhouse building. This requirement covers all 16+ members and visitors (12+ from November 24), with the exception of members who have an approved Australian Immunisation Register Medical Exemption form.

The Committee considers this policy provides the best protection for members, children who cannot yet get vaccinated and staff. It also provides the most flexibility for members to use the sailing-related areas as well as the overlapping licenced hospitality areas.

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Access Update 30th Sept

*Access to Boat Storage Not Yet Approved*
We had been expecting to be able to open up the club for access to boat and
board storage, but unfortunately the Dept of Sport and Recreation have not
yet provided approval through Australian Sailing for access to club sheds
and buildings to retrieve sailing equipment. This means our storage will
have to remain locked, but hopefully only for a short time. We will let you
know as soon as we have approval, and the restrictions around entry.
Access to the outside storage yard is permitted.


The AGM is going ahead as a Zoom on Thursday August 12 at 7:00pm. Details were provided in the July 28 newsletter. In summary:

The meeting room will be open from 6:45 pm, and the meeting will start at 7:00 pm. To join the zoom meeting click on the link below (or copy into your browser):

Meeting ID: 749 399 9655, Passcode: ESC

Please state your name when joining the meeting (unmute if required then mute again).

If you do not have internet access on your phone or pc and would like to call into the meeting using a phone, please call 03 7018 2005 or 02 8015 6011. Passcode: 199470.  Only audio will be available to you. Please go on mute when you are not speaking.

If you plan to attend the Zoom, please email (David Wilkinson).

If you do not plan to attend the meeting you may appoint the Commodore or another member as your proxy using an AGM Proxy Form (click for link). Please email your proxy to


The club will remain closed in line with the extended COVID lockdown, hopefully opening again on Friday Aug 20. Key fobs will be turned off during this period.

Sailing and boarding activities are permitted as part of your daily 2 hour exercise, within 5km of your home, with a person who you live with or a friend. A mask is required unless you have a valid exemption.


A reminder that membership and storage fees were due by July 31. Any payments made after August 15 will incur a $50 late fee.


In line with the requirements of the COVID lockdown announced today, the clubhouse including boat storage is closed from 8:00pm Thursday, August 5, for 7 days, presumably reopening on Friday August 15. Key fobs will be turned off during this period.

We are assuming that personal sailing and boarding activities will be permitted as part of your daily 2 hour exercise, within 5km of your home, but this needs to be confirmed so please ensure you are aware of the specific restrictions when available from the Vic Government.

A reminder that anyone attending ESC must register using the QR code, irrespective of the length of the visit.

Notice of Annual General Meeting: Changed to ‘Zoom”

The Annual General Meeting of Elwood Sailing Club Inc. will be held as an on-line “zoom” meeting on Thursday August 12th, from 7.00 – 9:00 pm.

We had hoped to hold the AGM at the clubhouse, however Vic Gov COVID restrictions in place from today on group sizes, with uncertainty about when these will change, mean that a meeting at the club is not practical.

This Notice contains information on the meeting and what you need to do if you wish to nominate a proxy, or nominate for the General Committee.

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